Üniversitemiz Hakkında Yorumlar

“ALKU has great stuff, a highly educated professor team, which is the key to become great. As a matter of fact, I really like the whole atmosphere provided by every single member in the university as well as the location, taken in consideration that we are studying in a famous touristic spot: Alanya. The city is quite small, calm and represents a rich mixture of a multitude cultures, the weather is warm most of the year, so it is easy to adapt if you are a foreigner. I am pretty sure you will fall in love with what I think is the best of all cities in Turkey.”

Akbar Akbar, 22, Indonesia


“Alanya is beautiful and peaceful city, summer here never ends. Study process for Erasmus students is interesting and gives a good experience for further life. People here are friendly and open minded.”

KristīneKārkliņa, 21, Latvia




Alanya being famous for its touristic sight is also a centre for a cultural diversity. As a foreign student in Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, studies for a foreigner is easy because we get adapted to the environment full of people from all over the world. The favourable weather plays an important role in the adaptation of students. The lecturers help the students with their carriers and guide them through this process. Am lucky to study and live in Alanya.

Ines Debora N'CHO; 21; Ivory Coast




“Hello my name is Filip. I'm Mevlana exchange student in Alanya. The city is very good for education, trip and social life. It's pity that I will stay just only for four months.”

Filip Filipovic, 21, Serbia




“I like this University. It is comfortable place even for foreign students- we have all conditions for study. Our teachers demonstrate us a high quality of Turkish education and very interesting learning system. I enjoy this time. In this semester I'm learning a lot and I think it will be useful in my future profession.”

Evgeniya Ochirova, 21, Russia




“This exchange program is very interesting and useful for me. Thanks to our teachers and people who have organized everything for us during this semester. It is pleasant to study in Alanya. Alanya is an amazing city where I met a lot of friendly people and spent good time.”

Elena Mochalova, 20, Russia


“I definitely believe Alanya Faculty of Business is one of the best Management schools. I am very pleased with the level of professionalism among lecturing staff. Our professors share their own experiences with the students and also provide homework and projects that let us better understand ourselves, all of which will help us make correct choices in our careers. They are helpful and available when students need them. The faculty teaches new approaches in the field of management and also provides seminars for the self-development of students. There are also training opportunities that help us get ready for the business life. I am happy to be a part of Alanya Faculty of Business.”

Murtala Mustapha Baba,23,Gana



“If you want high-quality education, modern city, wonderful beaches, excellent social life and numerous opportunities for activities, Business Faculty in Alanya is the perfect choice!”

Jovana Stojavonic, 20, Serbia